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Once you’ve decided to apply to the Bing Stanford in Washington Program, complete the steps below. Please be sure to consult our eligibility requirements to make sure you are eligible for the program. It is highly recommended that you carefully read every step.

1. Complete the online application

This may take longer than anticipated. Please give yourself plenty of time to read over, understand, and reflect on each part of the application. Your application should draw upon the interests demonstrated in your resume and transcript.  For example: if you’re interested in education policy and you’ve taken a class about education in America and you’ve been working at East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring for the past year, you should incorporate all of these experiences into your essays.

Start the application form

2. Create a 1-page resume

Your resume is extremely important in communicating your experiences to us, as comprehensively and concisely as possible. Your resume will be used in your internship placement, should you be accepted. 


  • It is required that your resume be only 1 page – you should easily be able to fit your education, work, volunteer, and leadership experience in that space.
  • Candidates should have strong resumes that highlight experience pertinent to a Washington internship – such as past internship, work, and leadership experience, along with pertinent coursework.
  • If you have questions about what you should or should not include, please contact us.
  • Once you have completed your resume, please submit it in the online application
3. Provide One Reference (and a note re recommendation letters)
  • You must provide one reference in the online application. A good choice is either someone who can speak to your academic abilities or someone who has supervised you in the workplace.
  • We may request that admitted students get recommendation letters, if necessary, to be used in internship placement.
4. Request official transcripts

Note - From time to time the Registrar's office changes their procedures if these instructions do not work, please check the registrar's website for instructions to email an official transcript.

  • Log into Axess
  • Under “Academics,” select “Request Official Transcript” from the drop down menu and then click on the arrow button to the right of the drop down menu
  • Leave the quantity as “1”
  • In the “Contact Name” field type: Jill Vizas
  • In the “Email Address” box select “Send to Third Party”
  • In the "Email Address" field, type: jvizas [at] (jvizas[at]stanford[dot]edu) and then type it in again below to confirm the email address
  • Click “Submit" 
5. Reapplying

If you have applied and were not admitted or if you declined your admission to the Program, you must reapply. We welcome you to contact us and discuss how your application might be improved. To reapply please follow the instructions below:

  • You must follow the instructions in Step 4 above and send an updated official transcript.
  • You are not required to complete a new on-line application. You may email our Campus Program Manager at jvizas [at] (jvizas[at]stanford[dot]edu) and state that you have chosen to reapply using your previous application.  We encourage you to carefully review your original application essays. If your thoughts have changed or you feel your application might be strengthened with new essays, please submit a new on-line application. 
  • You should follow the instructions in Step 2 above and draft a new resume.  If you are not submitting a new on-line application please email your updated resume directly to our Campus Program Manager.

What Happens Next

A committee will interview qualified applicants. You will be contacted regarding an interview shortly after the application deadline.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are interested in pursuing an internship at the White House they adhere to a semester system and are not flexible. Stanford students may participate in Fall Quarter and arrive in Washington early. Students who wish to stay in DC through mid-May can consider Winter Quarter. Spring Quarter is not possible. The White House application for Fall typically opens in March and is due in early April. Consult their website for deadlines.