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Academics FAQ

How can I get credit in my major for classes taken at SIW?

Classes at Stanford in Washington rarely get credit automatically in any major; however, you can appeal to your department to have them count. This is entirely up to you and your department.

Are BSIW Program classes cross-listed in any other department?

Classes at SIW are rarely cross-listed in any other department. However, you can petition a department if you are seeking credit in your major or minor.

When can I register for classes?

Classes are listed on Axess approximately 2 to 3 weeks before the beginning of the quarter. Students are allowed to shop for classes; however, all Axess deadlines must be followed.

Do any SIW classes count toward GERs?

Very rarely, if a course at SIW counts toward a GER that information will appear in Explore Courses.

Do I need to be an Earth Systems, Human Biology or Art History major to apply for the Winter Quarter?

No, absolutely not. We’ve had archeology, engineering, anthropology, STS, economics, and  American studies students attend the BSIW Program in the winter. Your eligibility for winter attendance depends on a combination of your interests and coursework. For example: if you’re majoring in engineering and focusing on clean energy technology, then you are a good match for the winter quarter.

Do I need to major in the social sciences to attend the BSIW Program?

No. All majors are welcome. If you have a demonstrated interest and background in health, the environment, and/or the arts you are strongly ecnouraged to attend the BSIW Program during the winter quarter. Majors in the Humanities, Sciences, Engineering, and Computer Science have participated in all three quarters of the BSIW Program.

Can I attend and an overseas program and the BSIW Program as well?

Yes, of course you can attend an overseas program and the BSIW program. However, be sure to carefully calculate your units and develop a prudent study plan for your remaining time at Stanford. Do not count on classes to be offered every quarter or on obtaining credit in your major for all of your classes taken at SIW or BOSP. However, if you plan carefully, you may very well be able to participate in the BSIW Program and go abroad as well. Many BSIW Program students have done both.

Is there any required coursework for attending the BSIW Program?

There is no specific required coursework to participate or attend BSIW. However, we encourage you to take at least one American politics or policy-relevant course before attending the BSIW Program.