Eligibility Requirements and Deadlines

Students are eligible to attend the Bing Stanford in Washington Program during their junior year or the first two quarters of their senior year. A limited number of sophomores may be accepted in the second round for Winter and Spring quarters only. Sophomores with a compelling reason to attend Fall Quarter may request permission to apply in the second round. Please contact jvizas [at] stanford.edu. If the program is not full after our first round application we will have a second round application. Students who want to participate in the program during their sophomore year should wait until a second round to apply*.  

Applications are due two quarters in advance. Qualified students will be contacted for interviews as part of the application process. Students who will not be on campus during their application quarter are strongly encouraged to contact program staff before leaving campus so they can have an in person interview or conversation with us. Transfer students must have completed at least one academic quarter at Stanford at the time of application.

If you are on provisional registration or on University suspension for any reason, or if Stanford has conferred your undergraduate degree before the last date of residence of the program you are NOT eligible to participate in the Program.  If you are on University probation or academic status or are not eligible for housing at Stanford University you are likewise unable to participate in the Program.

Students from all majors are welcome to apply. There is no coursework required for admission, however the Program strongly recommends that students take coursework related to their particular internship interests.

* If the program fills after the first round there will not be a second round this will be announced on this website.


Second Round Fall Quarter 2023-2024: April 30, 2023. 

First Round Winter Quarter 2023-2024: Mid-may 2023.

Future Quarters:

Second Round (If Necessary) Winter Quarter 2023-2024:  Posted June 2023 Due Early October 2023

First Round Spring Quarter 2023-2024: Posted September 2023 Due Early November 2023

Second Round (If Necessary) Spring Quarter 2023-2024: Posted Late November 2023 Due January 2024

Program application is available here