The Unexpected Smile, 2022: Selected Photographs of Dario Zucchi

Presented from June 16, 2022 - September 30, 2022

Curated by Eric Denker

Imagine our good fortune in encountering Dario Zucchi’s work at the precise moment we needed to experience it! His photographs not only draw us back into the museum after a seemingly endless hiatus, but also enable us to revel in what makes an afternoon in a gallery distinctive, the intertwining of art and viewer. Zucchi may appear to be a surreptitious observer, but he is only seemingly hidden from view. Through his playful imagination and patient surveillance, he manages to capture visitors reflecting the colors, textures and, even more astoundingly, the esprit of the works that engage them. Zucchi does so with the observational powers of an anthropologist, the eye of an artist, and the wit of a world-class humorist. His admiration for the artist and appreciation of the viewer are charmingly on display in each of these photographs.

It seems particularly fitting to re-open the Stanford in Washington Art Gallery with Dario Zucchi’s, The Unexpected Smile. We are delighted to highlight Zucchi’s genius and bring smiles to the faces of all who encounter these engaging photographs.
Adrienne M. Jamieson
MaryLou and George Boone Centennial Director of Stanford in Washington