Artists of Woodley Park

Artists of Woodley Park presents a creative arena for 33 local artists, recognizing their exceptional work and celebrating unique musings, methods, and media. Stanford in Washington is pleased to sponsor Woodley Park’s second exhibition, the first in 2012. This diverse collection of paintings, photographic prints, drawings, sculptures, and digital artworks—both representative and abstract—robustly represents the neighborhood’s creative talents. 

The voices of community members often unseen and unheard feature prominently in this exhibition. Every work presents different subjects and themes, many revealing a deep fascination with the human, urban, and natural landscapes of Woodley Park and the wider District. Local artists have called upon both the familiar and unknown, the noticed and overlooked—offering new ways in which to encounter this community. 

Each work tells a complex and compelling narrative from the perspective of an individual artist, finding common identity in the neighborhood they call home. Gallery visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the range of human experience and its manifestations at a community scale.