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Frequently Asked Questions - Applying


Do I need to major in the social sciences to attend the BSIW Program?

No. All majors are welcome. Majors in the Humanities, Sciences, Engineering, and Computer Science have participated in all three quarters of the BSIW Program.

Can I attend an overseas program and the BSIW Program?

Yes, of course you can attend and an overseas program if addition to the BSIW Program. However, be sure to carefully calculate your units and develop a prudent study plan for your remaining time at Stanford. Do not count on classes to be offered every quarter or on obtaining credit in your major for all of your classes taken at SIW or BOSP. However, if you plan carefully, you may very well be able to participate in the BSIW Program and go abroad as well. Many SIW students have done both and find that the experiences complement each other.

Is there a minimum GPA for admission?

There is no definitive GPA requirement. We take into account your major and coursework in evaluating your transcript. Please be aware that many agencies and organizations routinely request transcripts when considering applicants for internships. We take everything including your personal statement, reference, as well as your transcript, into account when considering your application.

Can I apply for the spring quarter of my senior year?

No. We do not accept students during the spring quarter of their senior year or their last quarter at Stanford.

I applied, but was not admitted. Can I apply again?

Of course! We encourage you to reapply, you may wish to check in with our staff about how your application could be strengthened. To reapply view the Instructions for Reapplying. 

Is there any required coursework for attending the BSIW Program?

There is no specific required coursework to attend the BSIW Program. It is useful to have coursework related to the topics you are interested in exploring in your internship appear on your transcript. Certain internships may require that you have taken coursework in particular areas: economics, for example. Please contact us with questions regarding your specific interests.

Will the BSIW Program cost more than a quarter on campus?

Like the Bing Overseas Studies Programs, the Bing Stanford in Washington Program is not designed to be any more expensive than living on campus. However, the quarter you spend in Washington may be slightly longer than on campus and thus, SIW’s cost will be slightly higher. Your financial aid package will be adjusted to take into account any difference in the cost of room and board and in the expenses associated with the distance traveled to arrive at SIW from your home.

Washington is a city, with many opportunities, some of which cost money. Although there are many free museums and cultural activities to explore, you may spend more of your funds eating out, going to movies, etc… than you would while living on campus. Lastly, you may need to invest in business attire if you do not already own work-appropriate clothing. We do not want any student to feel that their financial situation will limit them from attending the program and our program staff are committed to enabling everyone to participate.