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The Art Gallery at Stanford in Washington

The Art Gallery features exhibits that range from 3 to 6 months in length and showcase artists of all mediums. It is open to the public daily.

Visit the Gallery:

The sant building 

2655 Connecticut Avenue, NW 

Washington, DC 20008 



Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Saturday - SUNDAY: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM



(202) 803-8100

Born in China at the onset of the Cultural Revolution, Xie painted his earliest newspaper work in 1998. Twenty years later, the artist’s focus on media and dialogue in China and the United States is distinctly relevant. See "Xiaoze Xie: Confrontation and Disruption" on display now through March 31, 2018

Past Exhibits

painting of Entrance to the El from 1988
For more than 65 years, Jack Boul has been one of the premiere artists in the Washington area, employing his exceptional talents in painting, monotype, and sculpture to convey a deeply poetic sensibility. With restrained eloquence, his small-scale works capture timeless elements of our visible world. Landscape fascinates him, from the bucolic cow pastures of Maryland to the beachscapes of North Carolina. Yet, he is as attracted by the inherent poetry of a gritty cityscape as he is to the countryside. He depicts such prosaic urban sights as back alleys, water tanks, and elevated trains with the same subtlety he demonstrates when rendering the charm of a Parisian cafe or a Venetian salone. Boul's artistic interests extend from barnyards to barbershops, from wheelbarrows to watering cans.
"The Pursuit of Happiness" is the first exhibition in the United States of work of Bordeaux artist Arnaud Faugas. Mr. Faugas is well known in France for his work celebrating the country's most renowned wine region, as well as the history of his elegant city, including its special relationship with the United States beginning in the 18th century. "The Pursuit of Happiness" reflects the joys of life from the fruit of the vine to music to celebrations of history. Through his use of vibrant color, imaginative images and a whimsical flair, Mr. Faugas exudes happiness and freedom through art and Stanford is delighted to share his creations, which will inevitably enchant audiences on this side of the Atlantic as they have in France.
Painting of reclining woman
“Hard Bargain Farm” explores the life of Alice Lescinska Lowe (1880-1951) and Henry Gardiner Ferguson (1882-1966), and their home at Hard Bargain Farm in Accokeek, Maryland, directly across the Potomac River from George Washington’s Mount Vernon. The exhibit highlights many of Alice Ferguson’s paintings of Hard Bargain Farm, a passion she pursued throughout time on the farm. Alice Ferguson also developed an interest in amateur archeology and helped unearth artifacts of the Piscataway tribe and other original Native American settlements along the Potomac. The Alice Ferguson Foundation was established by Henry Ferguson in 1954 to memorialize Alice and her dedication to Hard Bargain Farm and the preservation of the environment around it.
Painting by Emma Webster
Emma Webster graduated from Stanford Class of 2011 and has since become a prominent young artist on the east coast. The ten large-scale paintings in this exhibit revisit the adventures of her youth through abstracted representations of childhood memories using an exquisite palette of colors and the omnipresent figures of Emma, her sister Kate, and their doberman Ted.