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What to Bring

When it comes to packing for your quarter at the Bing Stanford in Washington Program think of only one thing:

Don’t pack too much!

Each student room at SIW is either a one-room double or a two-room triple with plenty of space for you, but not a lot of storage space for unused items and luggage. Remember, you are only in Washington for one quarter!

Bedding and Linens

Each bed comes with:

  • one pillow
  • a blanket
  • a bedspread

You will need to bring:

  • a pillowcase
  • extra long twin sheets

Each bathroom comes with a bath mat. You will need to bring your own bath and hand towels.


SIW is equipped with:

  • Ethernet ports in all student rooms and most common spaces
  • Two computers for student use
  • A black and white laser printer for student use
  • Wireless internet


You will need:

Work or business attire is required for internships at BSIW

For women

  • A pant or skirt suit (or blazer and slacks or skirt) in most offices
  • Nice blouses
  • Dress shoes

For men

  • A suit, blazer and slacks
  • Collared shirts
  • Dress shoes

Play clothes will range from workout wear to dresses for the opera

  • All students will attend an opera at the Kennedy Center. Please bring a suit, fancy cocktail dress or evening gown to wear to the opera.
  • All students will attend plays, symphonies and other similar performances at a variety of theaters. Students can wear business attire to these.
  • Please bring comfortable shoes and jeans or shorts for our day trips to various historical sites.
  • If you plan to use the workout room in the house, please bring appropriate workout clothes and shoes.

Winter wear is necessary for all quarters – but especially winter quarter!

  • The end of fall quarter will cool down dramatically and the beginning of the spring quarter may also be cool. It is important to pack accordingly or at least prepare to purchase a sturdy winter coat while in Washington.
  •  It can rain in any quarter! Bring shoes that can get wet, a rain jacket and/or an umbrella.

Shoes are always a sore subject.

For women

  • Don't over-do the heel, work is not a party
  • Wear panty hose or trouser socks while breaking in your shoes and even after for maximum comfort
  • Make sure the soles aren't slippery
  • Bring alternative shoes for commuting

For men

  • Spend some time finding a shoe that fits well, you may only need one or two pairs of dress shoes
  • Break them in before your first day of work!!!
  • Buy socks that match well and that cushion without being bulky


  • Please don't bring a car to SIW, there will be no time to use it during the quarter
  • Please don't bring a bike to SIW, there is no place to lock up bikes in the house
  • For more information on car and bike alternatives, please visit Getting Around